Saturday, August 21, 2010

Joie de Vivre

Dear Internet,

A bunch of fresh flowers.  Simple poached eggs.  A small square of dark chocolate.  Delicate kisses.

Pleasure is not synonymous with overindulgence.  Pleasure is having just enough of something.  Not too little.  Not too much.

So I wake up early on Saturdays and tie my hair in a knot.  I take my market bag and wander among locally grown peaches.  Sunbathing tomatoes.  Fat blueberries.  I fondle ripe squash and smell bunches of wildflowers.  Then I stuff my sack full of wild chanterelles, fresh goat cheese, and homemade bread.

Later, at home, I'll spend the afternoon concocting various dishes and delighting in the simple pleasure of a crust of bread smeared with goat cheese.  Its tanginess lingering on my lips like kisses do.  And I'll smile and admire the mess of dishes in the sink.

Joie de vivre on a solitary Saturday as my fingers prune in soapy water.

What do you do?


1 comment:

  1. I get a palm-sized butter pecan cupcake for lunch. Or paint my nails black. Or put on the earrings that touch my shoulders. Or read Psalm 148. :)