Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Beginning

Dear Internet,

This started how everything starts-with a man.  A man who gave me a gift.  Gave me a name for what I so easily express, embody, and live out everyday now (thanks to my diet of yoga, good food, running, therapy, and anti-depressants).  Until this summer I didn't have the word for it-the overwhelming abundance, the wide openness, the obnoxious loudness with which I live my life.  I've always felt a little neurotic because of how easily I'm overcome with passion.

But now I know-I am Joy.  It's just me.  My nature is to be moved to tears.  To jump up and down.  To appreciate the smallest moments and gestures.  To piss people off with my happiness.

And this blog was born as a way for me to share all those moments.  A way for me to get away from that past girl I spilled about on my previous blog so I can fully crack open my heart and spread joy around the Internet.  Because joy-joy is the only thing worth fighting for.


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