Life List

1. ride the tea cups at Disney
2. swim with the manatees
3. watch a space shuttle launch
4. go to the library book sale
5. own a vintage vespa
6. take a ballet class
7. go to a R. Wood ceramic sale
8. visit the uncle remus museum
9. drive cross country
10. ride in a hot air balloon
11. see the butterfly migration
12. drive the brp/pch in a convertible wearing big sunglasses and a scarf
13. wear a big hat and pearls at the Kentucky derby
14. become a yoga teacher
15. visit Pablo neruda’s house
16. learn how to play imagine on the piano
17. own my own business (a counseling/wellness/art center now & a b&b when I retire)
18. run a marathon/hike Kilimanjaro (something physically challenging that I think I can't do)
19. visit all 50 states
20. grow vegetables + herbs
21. put together a book of mom stuff
22. have a wall of old family photos
23. canter a white horse on the beach
24. have a hammock in my back yard
25. learn how to sew
26. take a swing dance class
27. release sky lanterns at my wedding
28. ride a donkey in the grand canyon
29. learn how to can/make jam
30. get into grad school
31. learn to be bien dans ma peau
32. change someone’s life and have them thank me
33. have a house in the country off grid
34. be a mother (to a daughter)
35. grow old and have long hair
36. build a circle of dependable, creative, supportive friends
37. ride a bike without holding the handlebars
38. plaza and breakfast at tiffany’s
39. start and this time FINISH the artist’s way
40. have a fat savings account of at least six months living expenses
41. pay everything off
42. learn basic sign language
43. join the contemporaries
44. learn how to juggle
45. surprise visit linds
46. join a book club
47. finish all the house projects
48. buy a pair of manolos
49. go to south of the border
50. be a keynote speaker
51. bartend/wait tables
52. go on a yoga retreat
53. read the whole bible
54. have dinner at the French Laundry
55. go to ladies night at the shooting range
56. go white water rafting
57. go to an art workshop
58. buy fun rain boots
59. start a supper club
60. get glasses I love
61. host a holiday at my house
62. throw out everything that doesn’t have a purpose, use, or home
63. carve my husband’s and my initials in a tree
64. picnic at a winery and a tasting
65. do a cart wheel
66. own a Sabrina ward Harrison
67. have a beautiful yard
68. visit all seven continents
69. read all the MLA’s top 100
70. watch all the AFI’s top 100
71. lose 50 pounds
72. fill out a grandmother’s tale with granny & nana
73. get my ph.d
74. go on a camping trip
75. go on a safari in Africa
76. gamble in vegas
77. go to fashion week
78. go green
79. make a time capsule with my husband & open it on our 50th wedding anniversary
80. be on this American Life
81. graduate with honors
82. make biscuits, pancakes, and pie crusts by heart
83. kick my sugar habit
84. send birthday cards via snail mail for a year
85. do 500 grand loving gestures (balloons and flowers for Jenny, tea towel for B)
86. build a wardrobe I love complete with lingerie
87. get my tattoo
88. hang a map put pins in all the places I’ve been
89. buy a piece of art every year (skateboard, mati rose)
90. find god
91. relearn French
92. go back to paris with my husband
93. back up all my files, clean my computer, update my software
94. own a horse and some donkeys
95. do an airing of the grievances every year
96. get measured for a bra
97. have my palm read
98. go to Ireland with dad
99. go on a cruise
100. throw a killer party when I finish this list
101. toes in the pacific
102. drink a bottle of veuve clicquot
103. see a sunrise with a lover
104. quit my job
105. buy a stock
106. get over my fear of snakes
107. see the real compartment c car 293
108. be featured on the back page of skirt
109. buy a designer dress
110. take a partnered yoga class with my fiancé
111. be a project air volunteer
112. buy a dyson
113. learn how to scull
114. have a balloon room bd party like in patch adams
115. see the pyramids
116. vacation in Hawaii
117. see the aurora borealis
118. own a vacation house
119. learn how to kayak, buy one, and do it regularly
120. yell into the grand canyon
121. walk across the goldengate bridge
122. eat lobster in Maine
123. have a floor to ceiling library in my house with a rolling ladder
124. write a book
125. write thank you notes to my teachers
126. learn how to hula hoop
127. find the perfect shade of red lipstick
128. take a belly dancing class
129. model for dr. sketchy’s
130. go to sxsw
131. be in the audience for Austin City Limits
132. buy a pair of cowboy boots
133. go to the Alameda flea market
134. find a signature scent
135. run the bay to breakers
136. go to cirque du soleil
137. take a screen printing class
138. do the bridge run
139. learn how to skip a rock
140. train with Bessel van der Kolk
141. drive down Lombard Street in San Francisco
142. buy a Bando
143. fly 1st class
144. join the Peace Corps
145. open a bottle of champagne with a knife
146. do crow, handstand, and backbend unaided